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Our mission is simple.

Our History

In 2013 founders Nix (from the United States) and Cortez (from Argentina) first visited Guatemala and met Maria Teresa and her husband Gaspar (from Chajul, Guatemala). Since the first encounter the four became fast friends with a shared vision to help the widowed and elderly women, and the poorest children, in their community of Chajul. For four years, since 2014, the two couples created different programs in Chajul together before venturing into PROJECT SIMPLE: Guatemala in 2018. Maria Teresa and Gaspar are pictured to the right with five of their six children. To learn more about Nix and Cortez please visit:


Buy Local, Made Locally, For Locals

Since 2018 a total of 35,000 meals have been served. The project is managed and run by locals. They are the ones who live in Chajul, know the needs of their community, and know the best way to help and serve them. Volunteers from North America collaborate with the leaders from Chajul who wanted to take on this project to make PROJECT SIMPLE: Guatemala's Community Center possible.  


Some examples of our first campaigns:

Nepal Earthquake Relief
March 2016

PROJECT SIMPLE was in Nepal, from March 7th to the 14th we were fundraising for victims that live in the Gorke district near the earthquake epicenter...more

Guatemala & Honduras
April 2014

PROJECT SIMPLE was raising awareness for those who are living in poverty and still helping in their community, voluntairly! 100% of the money raised go directly towards purchasing the materials that... more

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