Our mission is simple:

To provide clean food and water to those in need. By doing this we believe we are impacting many different aspects of a person's life: education, health, growth, happiness.

PROJECT SIMPLE is 100% voluntarily run, ensuring that EVERY PENNY you donate goes directly to the cause! 

We focus our services to assist the people in the community living with bad nutrition or no nutrition at all, those that cannot or have a hard time providing for themselves, mostly the young, elderly, and ill.

How do we help?

Buy Local, Made Locally, For Locals

Project Simple provides balanced nutritious locally grown meals. We locate areas in which people are living in extreme material poverty and find those in the community without access to a nutritional daily meal and clean water. All the products and food purchased are from local families with the intention to contribute to the local economy. We also provide jobs for people in the community who desire to prepare the meals for the population we serve.

We create a safe space where the meals are served to those in the community that are in most need and unable to provide for themselves, those who face the biggest challenges and difficulty to get their own food. We focus mostly on the elderly, children, and those who are sick or have special needs. 

Where do we Work?

Project Simple works in communities where people are lacking the basic needs of food, shelter, and clean water.


Currently located in:

 Chajul, Guatemala 

map chajul guatemala

Our past campaigns

Nepal Earthquake Relief

March 2016

Project Simple was in Nepal, from March 7th to the 14th we were fundraising for victims that live in the Gorke district near the earthquake epicenter...more

Guatemala & Honduras

April 2014

Project Simple was raising awareness for those who are living in poverty and still helping in their community, voluntairly! 100% of the money raised go directly towards purchasing the materials that... more