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Center's Offer

One meal opens the door to so much more. 

PROJECT SIMPLE's Community Centers offer consistent meals to those who have a difficult time providing for themselves daily, and overtime, these centers offer an holistic approach to health.  We work together with locals in each community to create programs for those in need that focus & encourage: physical and mental health, housing, education, employment, life skills, community building, and wellness programs (through sports, art, music, and with animals.


Our Community Programs are developed with great sensitivity and awareness to ones environment and culture, taking time to build and initiate programs that keep within cultural traditions & norms,  highlighting the uniqueness and the beauty of one's own beliefs and needs. 


Consistency is our moto. Providing 1 meal a day allows us to offer a feeling of food security, an uncommon occurence for those we serve. 

Community Building

Encouraging partnerships

 with the idea of "team work" we create space & time to highlight the importance of one's individual skills, and how they impact and contribute to the whole. 


We work to bring professionals or offer financial aid to assist when illnesses that arise & attention to physical wellness is needed.


To help those in need rest, allowing those we serve the freedom to take their own preparations towards independence & stability. 


Offering scholarships to passionate young adults who struggle financially. Those who are already in pursuit of professions that will assist their community.


Initiating new ideas to help the community towards sustainable methods in our Community Center & the families we partner with.

Create Jobs

Investing in the community, & employing locals to run the programs.  

Farm & Garden

A garden & animals create sustainability & therapeutic programs for the center & those involved.  


Wellness Programs are approached through conversation, art, music, sports, and with animals. 

If you desire to contribute to 1 area specifically, like gifting a scholarship, or building a house, please reach out! We can work with you directly to help make this a reality.

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