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Nepal fundraiser

10 Smokeless Stoves and Much More! May 2016

We would like to thank you kindly for all your posts on Facebook, emails to your friends, conversations, and donations given to support the Nepali earthquake victims. Together we raised $1900 to contribute to those that still suffer from the April 2015 earthquake. With much enthusiasm we write to inform that the donations allowed us to gift 10 smokeless metal wood burning stoves, 25 bags of rice (each 30 kgs./ 66 lbs), and 280 notebooks for the school children! Learn More!

Earthquake victims are still in great need

It has almost been one year since the Gorkha earthquake happened in Nepal and the whole country still suffers. We had the opportunity to visit some of the victims in the villages of Laprak (2200 masl), Barpak (1940 masl), and Gupsi Pakha (2720 masl) in the Gorkha district.

People living in Laprak are still scared about the moving mountains for landslides are still occurring. Many houses have not yet been repaired, in result people are bunking with neighbors, and it is common to see families still living out of shelters made of donated plastic tarps. Many are trying to relocate to the new upper village known as Gupsi Pakha, a village created after the earthquake 500 meters above Laprak, to avoid the landslides. Unfortunately, most have little funds, ability, and time to do so, as they spend their days working to eat and repairing their crops. Gupsi Pakha also has little to no water access and is hours away from their fields.

Those that live in these affected communities start their days around 4:00AM before the sun comes up. They live off the land and their daily tasks are spent outside the home walking many hours or even days to get water, wash laundry, cut wood, farm, care for animals, make sheep wool string, etc. These Himalayan communities are isolated in the mountains with little access to supplies or town because of the lack of time/money to move and the difficult geography. They are high in the mountains and the road and hiking trail is extremely strenuous, the weather is cold, and soon they will be preparing for monsoon season. In result, these people are still working very hard to recover from the earthquake.

Our friend Mana, born and raised in Laprak, has a very good understanding of the people's needs, and many great ideas of how to fairly share any donations raised. We are discussing with him what these villages need immediately to help them even in the littlest way.

The generosity and joy of the Nepali people, despite their hardships, have made it hard for us to just walk away. They do not complain, but continue to carry on. They are extremely hard workers who help each other daily. Their laughter is blissful and pure, and their ability to smile and share the little that they have is humbling. If you would like to help, anything you can offer will give hope to some struggling people. It has been said that they will need help rebuilding their country for a few years to come. Through this mini fundraiser we believe that with your help, together, we can offer some of the Nepali victims a little gift to show them that we care.

Thank you for your time and for viewing this site.

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