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Be Part & Share

Take action today.

In your own way!
Your actions matter.

Want to be part of PROJECT SIMPLE? Help can be simple, take action today, in your own way!

Here are some ideas of different ways to share the SIMPLE idea & be part of this project. 

  • Share our photos on social media.

  • Donate to one of our programs. 

  • Start a fundraiser for PROJECT SIMPLE.

  • Host a bake sale or golf outing! 

  • Network & share our work with your community. 

  • Sponsor one of our young adults. 

  • Volunteer your time and talents to our cause! 

  • Email our PROJECT SIMPLE website to a friend!

  • Ask your community to donate to our project for your Birthday or Wedding. 

Get Involved

Share, Connect, Listen, Learn!

Interested in discovering how you can be part of Project Simple? Have a skill you want to share?Would you like to start a fundraiser in your community? Want to donate to one of our programs, build a house, gift a scholarship?  

Please send an Email and share your thoughts.

We would love to hear your idea or desires, and discuss how we can work together.  

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks! Message sent.

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