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For 30 days, people joined together to support two outstanding women who devote themselves daily to helping their community in a simple way!

Together 55 people were able to raise $2,275 for Maria Teresa & Clementina.

To learn more about their volunteer projects, please watch the video below.

April 2014, Project Simple held a fundraiser to raise awareness for two motivated individuals who live in poverty and voluntarily choose to help their community! 100% of the money raised towards purchasing the materials that Maria Teresa and Clementina need.

Our goal is to support these leader's dreams for their community. All who joined in the Project Simple fundraiser were able to help these projects directly & immediately.

Maria Teresa lives in Chajul, Guatemala, and voluntarily supports the widowed women, elderly, and poorest children of her community. In order to sustain her projects she is in need of:

  • Food for her students & the elderly

  • School materials

  • Resources for the school’s Garden Project

  • Warm winter clothing for the students & the elderly

  • Tools for the widowed women’s Weaving Project 

Clementina is from Mangal, Honduras, and is a volunteer teacher in one of the poorest communities in her country. In order to sustain her project she needs:

  • Food for her students

  • School materials

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