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PROJECT SIMPLE is a program of THE STRING PROJECT, INC. a of 501(c)(3) non-profit, that provides meals, clean water, and programs to those who cannot or have a hard time providing for themselves. Since 2018 our current Community Center has been able to serve over 35,000 meals in Chajul, one of the most impoverished areas in Guatemala. We now have a total of 28 people involved in the project including our cooks and those in most need (children, orphans, elderly, or ill). Our program is actively investing in the community, creating local jobs, serving food to those in need, and providing a safe space for those involved.

- Growth -


Proper nutrition is important at all stages of life. Healthy eating habits help maintain and aid in the physical and mental growth. A strong healthy immune system can help prevent and fight off illness.

- Security -


Food security is a privilege and often an uncommon occurrence for many. We feel that by providing this to those in most need, we can offer relief, gifting the chance of choice, offering opportunity, and a taste of individual freedom.  

- Development -


Nutrient dense meals are vital to brain development affecting ones cognitive skills, ability to focus, absorb, develop, and retain information. In consequence the need for children to consume nutritious food, especially those under the age of 5, is valued as high priority.

Be part, help make a difference, help us to open more Community Centers in Kenya, Argentina, and Nepal! Our Community Centers provide weekly meals and programs to children and elderly including: jobs, community gardens, emergency shelter, art and language classes, and scholarships to passionate young people who want to help their communities!  In order to do so, we need to raise at least $600 a month to run a Center. If you are able, your donations are now tax deductible! We are a volunteer based organization so EVERY PENNY goes directly to the cause. 

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