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100% OF EVERY $1

you donate goes DIRECTLY

to those we serve!

Want to know how?

Chajul, Guatemala

  • PROVIDING A SAFE SPACE - At the moment we are renting a house where the meals are provided. The house is equipped with running water, so the women and children are free to use the space to bathe and relax after they eat if desired. How much is our rent?

  • INVESTING IN THE COMMUNITY - We buy our fresh products weekly and locally from many different families living in poverty, contributing to the local economy.




We supply consistent nutrient rich meals, because we believe than we can then impact many different aspects of a person's life, such as:

  • HEALTH & GROWTH - Proper nutrition is important at all stages of life. Healthy eating habits help maintain and aid in the physical and mental growth. A strong healthy immune system can help prevent and fight off illness.

  • EDUCATION & DEVELOPMENT - Nutrient dense meals are vital to brain development affecting ones cognitive skills, ability to focus, absorb, develop, and retain information. In consequence the need for children to consume nutritious food, especially those under the age of 5, is valued as high priority.

  • SECURITY & FREEDOM - Food security is a privilege and often an uncommon occurrence for many. We feel that by providing this to those in most need, we can offer relief, gifting the chance of choice, offering opportunity, and a taste of individual freedom.  


With the help of consistant monthly donations we are able to sustain the soup kitchen in Chajul, Guatemala. A special thanks to everyone involved. With our current donations we are able to offer meals to 26 people as well as our 2 cooks. To learn more about the financial details and steps taken to begin the project, please click here.

Current & Future Plans:  

WINTER 2022 -  We have a waiting list of people that are in great need, and dream of being able to include them in our project. Constancy is important for us, so we want to make sure we can provide for those already involved before adding more people.  If you are interested in becoming a monthly donor, you would help us to dream of being able to serve those on our waitlist. 

DREAM 2023: We are making plans to move locations, to a home they can call their own, with land!  When we move locations and start a garden. That way we can use the vegetables, and allow the participants the chance to take ownership in the project through assisting with the feeding and growing. And, dream of creating a homeless shelter for those in immediate need. 

 (Updated July 2022) 


There are many on our list in Chajul & the surrounding villages that we would love to invite to join the project. Our goal is to continue to provide weekly meals to 26 and then some more!  In order to do so, we need to raise at least $600 a month to sustain our work, if you are able to join our project, please consider becoming a monthly or one time donor!

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